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Essex Group of Clubs called the Shi Gakko Shuudan

Kent Club called the Ryo Shin Kan

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Presidents Profile

Born in Upminster, Essex, England, Paul Natzyl started Karate in 1977 under Ron Ship at the Shenfield Sports Centre, Brentwood, Essex and has been teaching professionally since 1986. He achieved his Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt) in 1982 and in 2009 was also awarded the title of Shihan (Master Instructor) by the Okinawa Karate-Do Association, Japan. In 2010 Paul visited Okinawa and successfully passed a grading examination for the Master rank of Kyoshi 7th Dan.

Paul has made a study of other martial arts including Tai Chi, Ju Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing and Kung Fu along with other Karate styles. In addition to teaching the Uechi-Ryu syllabus, he often blends the techniques from these other arts and styles into his training sessions along with general Self-Defence.

Paul is Founder and President of the Okinawa Karate Association U.K. and the Shi Gakkou Shuudan based in Billericay, Brentwood, Rayleigh and Wickford in Essex and is an official representative in the U.K. of the Okinawa Karate-Do Association, Japan.

Instructor Lineage

Kanbun Uechi taught his son Kanei Uechi
Kanei Uechi taught George Mattson - Chairman of North American Association
George Mattson taught Ron Ship from England
Ron Ship taught Paul Natzyl